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The Family Workshop provides a forum for the discussion of psychological issues and communicates this information as accessible and helpful advice for the benefit of individuals and families. With this aim in mind, The Family Workshop presents the following two books:

“Healing from Trauma” by Clive Willows

R65 including postage (in South Africa)

A traumatic event can have a profound effect on the life of the survivor. This book is about understanding this effect and the process of healing. It provides hope to those who survive trauma, are family members, work with traumatised people, or live in traumatic circumstances. The content is based on the wisdom of survivors who have shared their experience with a counsellor. This is not intended as an academic or theoretical text, but is simply written and easy to read. It is based on experience gained from 23 years of listening to individuals and groups who have been exposed to a wide range of traumatic events.

“Divorce: Legal and Emotional Aspects of a Social Reality”

R120 including postage (in South Africa)

This book contains a collection of papers presented at a symposium held on the 3rd of November 2007, in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. The papers draw on the experience of psychologists, lawyers and social workers who provide services to individuals and families suffering from the effects of divorce. The book aims to equip the reader to help others or themselves through the turbulent experience of divorce. The following papers are included:

  • “Divorce – for better not worse” by Tim Barry
  • “Understanding the Effect on Children of Conflict in Families in the Context of Risk and Resilience as Process” by Angela Hough
  • “Legal Protection for Victims of Domestic Violence” by Amber Howard
  • “The law of Divorce” by Margaret McCullogh
  • “The Best Interests of the Child: Challenges in Turning Principle into Practice” by Clive Willows
  • “Listening to Children Speak about Divorce” by Rob Pluke
  • “Helping Children When Families Separate” by Jill Willows
  • “Adult Responses to Divorces” by Homashni Peters
  • “Why is There Never Enough?” by Kate Crouch
  • “Stepping Stones” by Jane Markham

“A Guide to the Children’s Act For Mental Health Practitioners” by Clive Willows

R100 including postage (in South Africa)

This book is a guide to the new Children’s Act and the Children’s Amendment Act of South Africa. Those sections with specific reference to the work of mental health and child care practitioners are summarised which makes it an invaluable reference to have if you work with children in South Africa.

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